Tiny Musical House on Wheels!



May 19th, 8:32pm: We have an anonymous contributor who has pledged to match total contributions, up to $1,000, during the next 24 hours. If you give $10, this individual will give $10.  If you give $100, they will give $100. How cool! A huge "THANK YOU!" for the support!


Our Story

We are crazy kids in love with each other, and in love with writing and sharing our music. You know that time in life where you feel like you should take a leap of faith? Well, that's where we are right now! We are buying an RV - a tiny house on wheels - and leaving our jobs and our home to play for different audiences and spread our music and love! We believe it's a gift we need to offer the world, and we would love your support! 


Our Mission

We believe that music can change the world and we have seen people be transformed by music at our shows. Our mission as heart-centered artists is to connect people with themselves and with each other using music. We are having a great time doing this here in Arizona, but we feel that if we broaden our audience we could truly reach more people and change more lives. So having an RV to live in, travel, and record music would allow us all the tools we need to be successful.


The Tour

We have already committed to sub-leasing our apartment on June 1st, so this tour is happening no matter what!  Our route around the United States will take us through the South and Southeast in June, the Midwest in July, the East Coast and Northeast in August, and the Northern Rockies and Pacific Northwest in September.  We can't wait to see you all on the road, and book house concerts and venues near where you live.


Our Ask

We are asking for support from our community, family, and friends to contribute to our campaign so that we can take our dream further.  $10,000 will get us a reliable used RV, but $20,000 would provide us additional funds for repairs, refurbishing, fuel/utilities, and extras like instrument maintenance, recording accessories, and general living expenses. The RV itself is just the starting point; there are many other things that we will need to make this dream a reality!  So if you'd like us to pass through your hometown, get together with some of your friends and scratch up the dough for a private concert!


The Gift

Honestly, one of the biggest gifts we already have is that we are a couple with a mission to spread love and joy in the world. Right now we are doing it through music. We feel so blessed that we get to share our dream together. The gift you would give us by contributing is helping us move further in the world! We get asked all the time why we aren't more well-known. Contributing to this campaign would help us start the process of reaching more people. We just need the help to get there! !!!

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