The Indy Artist Guide to Successful Fund Raising

Your music is great.....You know it is....Now if you could only get the funding.

Problems….everyone has them….most people don’t like to solve them. Well I’m not most people and I love to solve them. Actually I’ve made an ok living by solving problems for people………I think old Ziggy said it best..

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

                                                                           -Zig Ziglar


Enough about me….more about why you are here. You are here because of a particular problem you may be looking to solve yourself. Funding!


The Problem….Likely...Your Problem…..


You want to produce high quality music that you can sell and use to attract new friends. If you can sell the can earn money….and that money can be reinvested into making more quality music and so on and so on.


And…….here’s the problem….where do you get the funding to make and distribute this high quality music?


It’s not like the studio time is free or producers are sending their best work to you for free….and let’s not start on distributing and and the cost that are associated with that….


This is one of those chicken or the egg problems if you ask me….How are you supposed to make high quality music to sell without the funds to hire high quality professionals?

Sell mixtapes...excuse me ask for donations for your free mixtapes….?? That's a little played out don't you think?


You are a Hustler.... Right?


How many weekends have you been out pushing your music only to see it discarded or worse thrown in the trash….at least they could wait to you leave..smh


Personally I have seen this all to often and it almost breaks my heart when I see an artist hustling their music at the gas station, walmart parking lot or any other high traffic area they think may work. Pretty much the same scenario every time…..artist walks up to stranger, cd in hand...recital of script...variation of free or description of donation...aka..charge….look of disdain on strangers face…...acceptance or rejection….wash rinse repeat. A truly saddening process especially in the age of technology and innovation.


So...I decided to tackle this problem head on. First I needed to understand the problem in depth before crafting a probable solution. So I started the discovery process….I interviewed several Indy artist to get a real feel for what their true issues were. After about 300 answers one thing started to stand out…...lack of funding.


Record Deal = Success…...Right?.....Wrong


Record deals….that’s why they make sense right….they fund your producers,studio time, features etc etc….basically what you think you need to make it big. Except everything isn’t always honey and sugar as so many movies and biopics have shown. You make great music…..hand over your royalties for a check and hope you aren’t getting pimped…..Life right!


So without this record deal how are you supposed to make it? Well you could borrow money from friends and family. Hustle your music in high traffic areas and hope you make more than what you spent on the gas and cd duplication. You could also invest heavily in yourself if you have the means (ever heard of starving artist) and max out all of your credit cards, equity lines etc and hope you make it.  


None of these sound particularly appealing….well at least not to the artist I spoke with. So what is an artist to do? Where can they receive the funding they need to make more great music?


If A Recording Deal Isn’t Success then what is? Your Fans……


Think about it...when you sign the record deal….the recording company may be the one’s who front you the money..but where do you think they are recouping it from? You guessed it your fans.

Fans + Funding = Fanfunding?


Join us as we journey into the fanfunding era. There is no charge for this journey our information and tips will always be free, whether you’ve signed up with us or not (you are more than welcome to create your fan funding campaign here)


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